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Ottawa's Katrina Robert, a.k.a. Bella Cat, performs on the TVA singing contest La Voix. (TVA) When Ottawa's Katrina Robert belted out her soul-spilling interpretation of Koko Taylor's classic Voodoo Woman during her blind audition on La Voix, Quebec's version of The Voice, last week, all four judges spun their chairs around and stood, captivated by her raw talent. One even popped a bottle of champagne, reserved for the contestant he thinks will win the singing competition. Literally, the only thing going on in my mind at that point was, I hope the world can hear the heart, soul, passion in my voice and I come across as a loving person who wants to put good into the world," Robert told CBC's All In A Day.

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“We get a taste of some great soul music when Bella Cat performs live on the show"

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Bella Cat arguably has the most enthralling, soulful voice in the area. Belting lyrics reminiscent of the great soul-blues singers of the past, the young woman from Old Chelsea, Quebec – which is about 15-minutes north of Ottawa – released a terrific debut EP this year entitled, Corrupted, which was reviewed earlier this year.While the blues, soul, and jazz arrangements are extremely well done and the melodies catchy like the sounds of the ’50s and ’60s, it is Bella Cat’s booming, powerful voice that completely overwhelms you. She’s played a few shows in the area, and now she’ll be winning over new fans when she plays at the RBC Bluesfest on Thursday, July 10 at 6:00. Her set takes place in the intimate Barney Danson Theatre, which may not be big enough to hold in the powerful voice of Bella Cat.

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Sur les conseils de Rebecca Noelle, finaliste de l’équipe de Marc Dupré l’an dernier, Katrina Robert a décidé de tenter sa chance à La Voix au Québec, même si elle ne parle quasiment pas français.« Comme j’habite à Ottawa, j’ai seulement vu quelques émissions de La Voix ». Dimanche, les quatre coachs se sont retournés sur sa voix rauque et modulable qu’elle a parfaitement mise en valeur sur Voodoo Woman de Koko Taylor. Chanteuse à temps plein, Katrina souhaite maintenant que La Voix lui apporte un peu plus de visibilité


First Alan Bleiken brought music to Jojo’s cafe. Now he’s taking it to the mountain. The Osoyoos small-concert promoter has arranged a show at Almighty Summit Estates — an indoor mecca of music at the summit of Anarchist Mountain — this evening featuring Bella Cat. Admission is by donation for the 7 to 9 p.m. show; the trick is finding the Almighty.   “It was actually her idea once she saw the place I lined up for her and the band to stay,” Alan says in a Facebook posting. “Bella and band put on a very good show, and the venue up the mountain is something you might want to get introduced to. Simply amazing does not quite describe it.” Bella Cat sold out Jojo’s when she performed October 12. The 25-year-old singer from a small town in Quebec was keen to do a second show in the Osoyoos area and also plans to shoot a music video in the area. So, what is the Bella Cat sound? As her bio puts it, “Try and imagine two of the world’s most soulful and unique voices — Janis Joplin and Eartha Kit. Now imagine them producing a beautiful love child and that would be as Clyde Stubblefield dubbed her “The Princess of Soul.” Better, though, you have a listen. Live.  (VIDEO AVAILABLE, Click on Link Above for original Article)  ” - Andrew Stuckey

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Ottawa’s Princess of Soul, Bella Cat, gave listeners a power-packed performance inside the Bluesville Stage tent at Bluesfest Sunday afternoon. She is another one of those artists that once you discover her, you cannot help but become an instant fan. Freshly back from her western Canadian tour in support of her second album, “It’s Not What It Looks Like”, Bella Cat and her band of six gave the crowd a taste of classically written blues, soul, and R&B that transported us back to the speakeasies of New Orleans in the 30’s. Bella talks to Apt613 about her latest album, her tour, and how she came to be named the Princess of Soul:“I wrote all my own lyrics and melodies. I was really lucky to have met Lindi Ortega’s guitar player one day, and he wrote all the music to this new album. His name is Champagne James Robertson, and he’s one of the best guitar players I know. The album was recorded in Chicago. It’s got Aretha Franklin’s and Chaka Khan’s backup singers, and Marvin Gaye’s guitar player. There’s a bonus track which we are releasing with James Brown’s drummer, Clyde Stubblefield, who just passed away. He put his hand on my shoulder, looked me straight in the eye and said, “darlin’, you’re the Princess of Soul”. We released the album June 17th and left on our tour June 18th. We headed all the way to Vancouver Island and back, stopping at other places in B.C., Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Revelstoke… all across western Canada.”Bella Cat, performs inside the Bluesville tent during Bluesfest. Photo by Terry Steeves.Each song she and the band performed had a different flavour, a different tempo, and varied in combinations of blues, soul, jazz, R&B, and even a touch of disco. As versatile as the music is, so is Bella Cat’s voice, which boasts a wide range of colour and style. In the song “Love God”, there’s a slinky sexiness that she sings with the playful sassiness of Amy Winehouse; whereas in “Dead Woman’s Grave”, she reaches into some low-toned Etta James fullness. Her robust voice came through in one called “This Morning” that had textured segments ranging from soft and sultry, to heavier, grittier soul. “Good Girls”, a steady rocking blues number, was given a rich Motown polish with the addition of the horns. In a tremendously powerful version of “Hit The Road Jack”, Bella wrapped her big mama blues voice around the melody, moving from her lower buttery register to belting some gripping high notes and edgy growls.Bella Cat. Photo by Terry Steeves.Another from her new album, “Tonight’s The Night For Freedom”, was heavy in gospel tones, and Bella filled the song with every ounce of her passion. She worked the entire stage that was quickly becoming surrounded by the growing crowd. There were also a couple of slow burning 12-bar blues numbers that were soaked in 30’s torch goodness where she sank her teeth into the raw passion of the song, and unleashed her deep tones, heavy vibrato, and high searing notes that brought a rush of cheers from the audience. I must also give a tip of the hat to guitarist, Daniel Grewall, and Michael Grewall on the Leslie for their great solo work. Also to Matt Aston for showing such great versatility on the drums, and to lead singer of Ottawa band Nile Groove, Roxy Lecuyer, for her fantastic backing vocals.RBC Bluesfest runs from July 6–16, 2017 at LeBreton Flats. Visit for the lineup and schedule. Keep checking back for more Apt613 Bluesfest coverage and follow us on Instagram for the latest photos.For more info on Bella Cat, upcoming shows, and to buy her new album, “It’s Not What It Looks Like”, please visit” - Terry Steeves

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Dead Woman's GraveFor Immediate Release: 1/30/2016Vocalist Bella Cat new debut single "Dead Woman's Grave" will be released world wide February 1, 16 at;iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Groove, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, Gracenote, Shazam, KKBox, Slacker Radio, ClaroMusica and Facebook.The upcoming Mini Lp "It's Not What It Looks Like" will have its world wide release this spring.Try and imagine two of the world's most soulful and unique voices, Janis Joplin and Eartha Kit now imagine them producing a beautiful love child and that would be as Clyde Stubblefield dubbed her "The Princess of Soul" BELLA CAT. Her 1st single from her forthcoming album promises to entertain you with a passionate sound coming straight from the inner sanctum of her heart and soul. Recorded in the US and Canada Produced by Jack LeTourneau in association with Neal Ford Sundet. This new Canadian voice shows the kind of new talent which will sure to be a major contender in the future of musical landscape.JLP Entertainment ” - Jack Letourneau


Opening act for Lolo from Boukman Eksperyans (PAPJAZZ 2015) . Bella Cat sings for 5000 people and again two days later at the same festival ! Click the Orange headliner above to see the interview ! ” - PAPJAZZ

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