Fries and Gravy the single is out!


The whole album is planned to release January 1st 2023!


Bella receives a grant for her new album

Thanks to Amplify BC, Creative BC Bella Cat has received the necessary funds in order to record her next album, Fries and Gravy! Recording all the music with in British Columbia with 99% BC musicians !!! 

The Making of Fries & Gravy

with Seneca Schones

Bella Cat has come across a new partner in crime in 2021 ! She will be producing a new album with local musician Seneca Schones from Nelson BC. That's right a brand new album release is coming ! The songs will be filled with soul RNB and a whole lot of heart.Stay tuned for more info !

Le Journal de Montreal

March 2019

Bella Cat just released brand new music ! After the death of her producer in Chicago Bella decided to take on producing roles of her own. Taking a stand in the hiphop industry she performed her first HIPHOP show in Kelowna, BC showcasing completely original music and cascading into a raging success ! The artist says she has never had so much positive feed back before and believes that this is her true and natural path. " I am so happy I created blues roots, because this is where the soul of my music comes from !" Bella released her first hiphop track "Money Maker" 100% produced by herself and another artist in the Ottawa Music industry Caylann Penny. Money Maker was released with a video because  Bella wanted to send a message into the world. " I've seen lot's of people making money and it's all corrupted.. drug dealing, human trafficking , stealing .. and then I see people who work very hard and make nothing at all." This is what Money Maker is about ! After Money Maker was released Bella sent out another track March 01st 2019 titled "COCAINE & WHISKY" this song is about an abusive relationship and the lyrics tell the the tale.